Lift Me Up!

Lift Me Up! Episode 15.04 by Ted Murvol

Lift Me Up! Episode 15.04 by Ted Murvol

May 6th, 2015



Dive into the depth of techno and progressive music… Hold your breathe, this is LIFT ME UP!
w/ 16 Bit Lolitas, Marc O’Tool, Worakls, John Acquaviva, Kiko, Jerome Isma-Ae, David Penn, Goldfrapp…

1.Nuclear Power Pants – 16 Bit Lolitas
2.Metaroom (Joy Kitikonti Remix) – Sozonov
3.Alive (Arno Cost Remix) – Goldfrapp
4.Faded (Spada Club Mix) – Zhu
5.Only Totally – Bart Claesen & Raz Nitzan
6.Sky (Sezer Uysal Club Mix) – 21street f. A.Shine
7.Your Last Resort – Marc O’Tool
8.Vida (Rivaz Dub Mix) – Espirito
9.Trauma (Worakls Remix) – N’to
10.Prata Da Casa (Riktam & Bansi Remix) – Perfect Stranger
11.Minimal (John Acquaviva & Oliver Giacomoto Remix) – Speedy J
12.Sun To Me (Jerome Isma-Ae Remix) – Faithless
13.My Ibiza – John Shelvin
14.Music To Make Love – Kiko
15.A Different Story – David Penn

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